Antonyms and Opposites in Polish

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Introduction to saying 'opposites' in Polish

Saying things like "this is the opposite of that" can be useful when speaking a foreign language. It can (in a way) double up the amount of things you can talk about (for every word you know, you can then talk about its opposite). Of course, in the real world it isn't as useful as that. But still - useful to know!

Basic Antonym and Opposite vocab

Antonim Antonym
Naprzeciwko Opposite

How to say sentences, explaining what the opposite is...

WORD1 is the opposite of WORD2 - WORD jest przeciwieństwem WORD2

Some example antonyms/opposites in Polish

Pytanie Question Odpowiedź Answer
Nowy New Stary Old
Młody Young Stary Old
Duży Big Mały Small
Chudy Skinny Gruby Fat

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