Containers, quantities and measurements in Polish

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How to use containers/measurements in Polish

After using these containers/measurements (see table below), you use Genitive case! This is very important!

Containers/Measurements vocab

Kawałek - piece (or sometimes translates as slice)

Kawałek is often translated to "piece". But really in some sentences we would say 'slice' in English. See the examples below:

Kawałek pizzy - a piece (slice) of pizza. Note: Pizza ([nominitive]) gets turned into pizzy because it is now in Genitive case. After all of these containers/measurements on this page, you should use Genitive case!

kawałek mięsa - a piece of meat

Plasterek - slice

This is used for things like "a slice of cheese" etc.


Plasterek pomarańczowy - orange slice

Kromka - slice (of bread)

Kromka is only really used for a slice of bread.

e.g. kromka chleba (a slice of bread)

Kostka - Piece or pack

Kostka is used for things like butter (a piece/packet of butter = kostka masła), or
a packet of sugar

Pudełko - Box

For example, this is used for pudełko zapałek - a box of matches

Paczka - Packet

paczka means a package or parcel.

Kubek - Cup (or mug)

This is used when you have a cup of something - like a cup of coffee in Polish is Kubek kawy, or a cup of cola

Filiżanka - Cup

This is similar to a kubek, but is smaller (often used for tea).

Compare the Google image search for Kubek vs Filiżanka to get an idea of what each one really refers to.

Puszka - Tin/can

For a can of beer - puszka piwa.

Butelka - Bottle

Bottle of water - Butelka wody

Słoik - Jar

For things like a jar of jam - słoik dżemu

Skrzynka - Crate

For a crate of apples - skrzynka jabłek

Wazon - Vase

Kieszeń - pocketful

Trochę - Some

A very useful word, that is used extensively in the Polish language. Troche means 'some' or 'a little bit'.

Some beer - trochę piwa

Kropla - Drop of

For example - Drop of water - Kropla wody

Pół - Half

See our page on numbers and fractions for more examples.

Litr - Liter

Litr = liter (litre).

Kilogram/Kilo - Kilogram

Both of these words are used to refer to a kilogram.

Dekagramów - Dekagrams (10 gram)

1 dekagram (also known as 1 deka) = 10 grams. So 200 grams = 20 deka.

See full list of contains and measurements in Polish, and take a free online test

see here for the words in Polish and here for a free online test in Polish, for these container words.

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