Polish Slang You Need To Know

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Slang ('slang' same in Polish) is important to know for any foreign language. Although it is always changing, and new slang words appear all the time there are many classic slang words that are in widespread use in Polish.

You find a selection of them in the table below:

Common Polish Slang Words and Phrases

English Polish
Cigarette (slang!) Szlug (slang!)
Cigarette (slang!) Fajka (slang!)
Club/party night (slang!) Balety (slang!)
Cool (slang!) Spoko (slang!)
Girl/Woman (slang! Used for attractive girls) Laska (slang!)
Girl/Woman (slang! Used for attractive girls) Lachon (slang!)
Hello (Slang!) Siema (slang!)
Man/guy/pal (slang!) Ziomek (slang!)
Man/guy/pal (slang!) Kumpel (slang!)
My mum/dad (slang! Literally 'my old one'. Sometimes considered rude) Moja stara/Mój stary (slang!)
Police (slang! Literally 'dogs') Psy (slang!)
Police (slang! Literally 'dogs') Psiarnia (slang!)
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How to say Cheers in Polish

When drinking beers or other alcohol drinks, it is common to say na zdrowie, which is the same as when we say "Cheers" in English.

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