When to use 'do' or 'na' when going places (with Iść or Jechać)

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When using Iść (to go by foot) or Jechać (to go by vehicle) you will often use the form of 'I am going to the restaurant" or "I am going to the swimming pool". The 'to the' part of the sentence can be either 'na' or 'do'. There are some simple rules to learn!

When going to somewhere (I am going to the restaurant, etc):

How to use 'do' or 'na' in a simple table!

na + Accusative na + Accusative
Used for:

  • Buildings (e.g. do kina)
  • Countries and cities (e.g. do Polski)
  • For parks (e.g. do parku)

After 'do', use Genitive (Dopełniacz). For example I am going to the cinema "Idę do kina" (idę = i go (by foot), kina = genitive form of 'kino')

For most words that use 'na' then you use Accusative (biernik) case. You use this for things like:

  • Some sports venues such as swimming pools (basen) or stadiums
  • open spaces (squares, car parks - but not parks!)

There are also some special cases that 'na' with Accusative (biernik). These include:

  • Post offices pocztę
  • Train stations dworzec
  • Universities

When saying where you are (I am at the restaurant, etc.) (GDZIE)

When you are saying "I am at the airport" etc you need to decide if it'll be na or w. Here is a quick overview:

  • Na
    • na lotnisko (at the airport)
    • na ulicy (on the street)
    • na dworcu (at the station)
    • etc
  • w
    • w sklepie (at the shop)
    • w tramwaju (on the tram)
    • w klubie (at the club)
    • w restauracji (at the restaurant)
    • etc

Remember that you can use 'na' after 'do' !

For example to say Do parku na spacer - to the park for a walk

When to use na/do for playing sports/instruments/games

  • For sports: w - bilard, tenisa, etc (gram w tenisa = i play/i am playing tennis)
  • For instruments: na

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